After about 12 years of doing personal training I expanded my education to include Physical Therapy.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization based on how a baby goes from being born with a bad posture to a perfect one in just 14 months.

Basically, I match you up with a 14 month old baby and get you moving like them and your back, neck, elbow, hip or knee pain goes away. We used to use the top athletes as our example but now our example of a perfect athlete is a 14 month old baby. I also help mother’s make sure their baby turns their head both ways, rolls over both ways and gets up right so that they will move and live a healthier pain free life.

Generally it was either how you developed and your lifestyle that caused your body to get difunctional and feel pain therefore I will give you a 10 minute a day maintenance plan that will keep the issue from coming back.

What can I help with?

1 For those in pain, I can help you get out of it.

2 For those who are fine, I can make sure you stay that way longer.

3 Avoid surgery. Most therapies work if you do them. Some methods and therapists are better than others.

Guaranteed help. If your therapy hasn’t been working I can definitely give it a try and if you don’t get better after the first session then you don’t pay for the first session because me or my method won’t help much.